Choi Kyung Seo is a legendary lawyer at the top law firm in South Korea. He has charisma and an attractive appearance. He hires Go Yeon Woo as a...
Original Title 슈츠
First Air Date 2018-04-25
Last Air Date 2018-06-14
Number of Seasons 1
Number of Episodes 16
Country KR
Runtime 60 min.
Genre Drama
Language ko
Popularity 7.854662
Casts Jang Dong-gun (Choi Kang-Seok), Park Hyung-sik (Go Yeon-Woo), Chae Jung-an (Hong Da-Ham), Ko Sung-hee (Kim Ji-Na), Jin Hee-kyung (Kang Ha-Yeon), Choi Gwi-hwa (Chae Geun-Sik), Lee Sang-Yi (Cheol-Soon), Lee Si-Won (Se-Hee), Hwang Tae-kwang (Lawyer Hwang)
Keyword corporate law

Characters : Choi Kang-Seok

Actor : Jang Dong-gun

Characters : Go Yeon-Woo

Actor : Park Hyung-sik

Characters : Hong Da-Ham

Actor : Chae Jung-an

Characters : Kim Ji-Na

Actor : Ko Sung-hee

Characters : Kang Ha-Yeon

Actor : Jin Hee-kyung

Characters : Chae Geun-Sik

Actor : Choi Gwi-hwa

Characters : Cheol-Soon

Actor : Lee Sang-Yi

Characters : Se-Hee

Actor : Lee Si-Won

Characters : Lawyer Hwang

Actor : Hwang Tae-kwang